Mga pulis, huling huli habang pinipisikal ang mga nahuli nilang motorcycle rider

Members of PNP Cavite are in hot water after videos showing them using too much force while catching motorcycle riders have gone viral on social media.

In a video posted by a netizen, it showed the police officers trying to put some motorcycle riders under their custody for not following basic traffic laws like wearing helmets.

It can be seen that some riders who were caught couldn’t respond properly to the police officers after they were told to lie down.

Because of that, one of the police officers used his feet to force the rider to kneel.

In another video, it can be shown a tense encounter between a group of motorcycle riders and members of PNP Cavite.

A police officer can be seen putting one of the members of the group into the police mobile while the uploader was trying the criticize the unfair treatment they received from the law enforcers.

“Ang baduy ng batas! Walang kwentang batas!” the uploader said.

It can be seen that one of the riders whose motorcycle got confiscated tried to ask the police officer for his key.

However, the police officer refused and when the rider tried to get the key forcefully, the law enforcer used force to stop the man.

The video received thousands of shares on social media and gained mixed reactions from the netizens.

Some of the netizens defended the police officers saying that the group was not being cooperative with the law enforcers.

However, other netizens said those police officers should maintain maximum tolerance all the time and avoid excessive force.

PNP Cavite has yet to give a comment on the incident.

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