Isyu ni Aljur Abrenica at Kylie Padilla, binalikan matapos makita ang aktres kasama ang rumored boyfriend

Kylie Padilla has gone viral on social media after she posted photos taken during her trip to Thailand together with a mystery man rumored to be her boyfriend.

In her Instagram posts, Padilla showed some of her adventures to her fans but she noticed that she also had a companion during her trip.

kylie tattoo 3

Speculations went through the roof after netizens saw a photo of Kylie holding the hand of her tattoo artist companion.

It can be remembered that in 2021, Christian Albert Gaza revealed that Kylie was having an alleged affair with a tattoo artist, which was why the latter’s husband, Aljur Abrenica left her.

kylie tattoo 2

Some netizens speculated that the ‘mystery guy’ is Jinno John Simon who’s the tattoo artist linked to the actress since 2021.

Because of the recent revelation of Kylie, some netizens realized that maybe Aljur was right all along about his Facebook post in after their separation.

“Don’t hide and disguise your comments, statement for your self gain. Tell them who cheated first. Tell them who wrecked our family. Tell them why I gave up on you not on our family. The people deserves to know. I have no hate for them despite of all the attacks and accusation they have towards me.” said Aljur.

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Netizens gave their opinions after seeing Kylie’s photos.

“Totoo talaga mga lumabas dati na siya unang nag wrecked ng pamilya niya. Todo deny pa. Time can tell talaga,” netizen Louisa Rahman said.

“Yung iba dito kampi agad kay kylie eh yan nga nauna nang ipot sa ulo eh pa victim lng yan eh,” netizen Levin Gabito commented.

Some fans then came to the rescue, saying that Kylie deserved to be happy.

“Nothing wrong if she found someone new. She deserve to be loved and she deserve to be happy ,anyway Annulment is on the way na naman eh … kaya Gora lang !” netizen Marco Tonyo remarked.

kylie tattoo 4

Aljur has yet to give a comment on Kylie’s post.

It can be remembered that Aljur said that he’s not yet ending the possibility of reconciling with Kylie.

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