Camille Ann Miguel, ipina-tattoo ang pangalan ni Jovit Baldivino: “Mananatili ka sa puso ko Love ko,”

Camille Ann Miguel shared that she decided to tattoo the name of her late partner Jovit Baldivino on her body to show her everlasting love to the singer.

In her post, Camille showed the photo of the tattoo on her right forearm.

According to her, that tattoo was supposed to be her surprise for Jovit, however, the latter passed away on December 9, 2022, several days after suffering from an aneurysm.

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“Love ko..eto sana yung surprise tats ko sayo pag labas mo. Medyo creepy kase yung time na ginagawa at plinaplan ko yan hand written ko na ipapagawa sa tattoo artist naten ay oras nalang pala bibilangin babawiin kana sakin,” Camille said.

“12:09 am ko ginawa yan and 12 is the month no. of dec and 9 yung araw na nawala ka. 12-09 ka nawala at yung time na ginagawa ko ay ay 12:09am ayan yung oras na gumuho na ang mundo ko eto yung araw na naranasan kong pinakamasakit sa buong buhay ko,” she added.

Camille said that she decided to tattoo the name of the late singer to prove that she would love him forever.

It can be remembered that Camille also tattooed a portion of Jovit’s face on her other forearm.

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The photo received thousands of likes on social media.

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