Ogie Diaz, dismayado sa presyo ng sibuyas sa merkado: “Mas mahal pa sa karneng baboy at baka!”

Ogie Diaz expressed disappointment after being informed about the latest price of red onions in the market.

Red onions, a basic ingredient for many Filipino dishes already reached P600-750 per kilo in the market, and many netizens were already complaining because they couldn’t afford the said vegetable anymore.

Even former Sen. Francis Pangilinan said that onions in the Philippines were more expensive than in other countries he visited this year.

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Judy Ann Santos, a celebrity chef also complained before about the prices of onions.

In a social media post, Ogie said that onions are now more expensive than meat.

“Wow! Php600 na pala ang kilo ng sibuyas, totoo ba? Mas mahal pa sa kilo ng karneng baboy at baka? Paano kaya gawin yung sinigang na sibuyas na may sahog na baboy?” he said.

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Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture (DA) led by President Bongbong Marcos Jr. said that the supply of onions was not the only factor for its increasing price.

DA also made some actions to bring down the prices of onions by buying directly from the farmers.

“The government is looking into buying directly from our producers, we are looking into the harvest of our farmers this month, and selling it directly to consumers through Kadiwa,” DA said.

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