Naloko kami! Ilang bumili ng pay-per-view access ng Eraserheads concert, hindi nakanood dahil sa kailangan pala na PLDT subscriber sila

Some Eraserheads fans who paid for the P650 pay-per-view to watch the concert live on television expressed disappointment after they were still unable to access the reunion of their idol.

In a social media post, Smart and PLDT released a statement clarifying that even if someone paid for P650 pay-per-view access, they were still not allowed to watch live without using their network.

“In accessing the Eraserheads Live PPV stream, please remember to use your Smart data or PLDT internet connection.” the network said.

smart statement 1
Photo from @livesmart/Twitter

Several netizens criticized the organizers for not informing them about the conditions of the pay-per-view access before paying for it.

“Di nyo man lang in-announce bago nyo kinuha pera namin!” netizen @jerrywestmonzon said.

“You should have indicated to your ads that it is EXCLUSIVE FOR SMART USER ONLY before accepting our payment. SCAM!” netizen @langchicky remarked.

Some also asked for refunds because they’re hoping to watch the live abroad, but it’s also restricted only for Philippine users.

“Walang kwenta! Refund!” netizen @gelothegreat commented.

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Photo from @gelothegreat/FB

A netizen also shared that despite having good connections and using PLDT, he still failed to watch the reunion live.

As of writing, Smart has yet to give a statement if they’re gonna issue a refund to the netizens who fail to watch the concert.

According to the organizers, 75,000 people attended the concert live in Pasay City and they declared the reunion of the legendary OPM band a success.

They’re also planning to bring the reunion concert outside the country.

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