Matapos ang kasal, bride inihatid ang kanyang groom sa reception gamit ang motorsiklo

Newlyweds have gone viral on social media after their simple approach to their wedding.

In a video uploaded by John Christian Dolojan, it showed the newly-married couple in Bulacan, Albert and Cindy Tongco using a motorcycle to go to their reception after their church wedding.

Instead of the groom, Cindy was the one who drove the motorcycle.

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Albert and Cindy were known motorcycle riders so they chose to use two-wheels instead of using a car.

The video received millions of views on social media and praise from the netizens, saying that weddings should not be always about luxury.

Even veteran journalist Jay Sonza praised the couple.

“Something simple. Walang put on. Walang drama. Pero ang lakas ng dating. I so love it. Mabuhay ang bagong kasal.” the journalist said.

However, some people said that the couple didn’t use helmets during their ride which is unsafe.

Fortunately, they arrived at the reception safely.

According to Albert, they’re already been in a relationship for 13 years so he felt that it was already the right time for them to get married.

“Sa tagal na natin mag kasama maraming pag subok na tayong hinarap, siguro time na talaga 13years na tayo at habang buhay na to iloveyou so much,” Albert wrote in a post last year.



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