Sharon Cuneta, inihinto pagpapatayo ng bahay niya na kasing laki ng mall: Do I want to continue pa?’

It seems that Sharon Cuneta was already hesitating to finish her mansion in Silang, Cavite that almost as big as a mall.

In an interview, Cuneta revealed that she already decided to pause the construction of her 2,300 square meter property built at Ayala Westgrove Heights.

The said property needed five lots to fit her ideal house which half will be her own space.

However, Cuneta said that there were a lot of changes that happened that she was not thinking if she really wanted to spend more money on the project.

“It’s on pause. I’m deciding whether — lots of things changed.” the megastar told Dr. Aivee Teo.

“Pause lang, not naman stop. But it’s just a matter ‘Do I want to continue pa?’ There are other places you can put your money in.” she added

According to her, she’s considering changing her plans and just investing her money in other things.

“I’m thinking that I should just enjoy na lang my money. Because I’m thinking these kids, you’re sending them to school so they can work for themselves. Why am I worrying about them?” she explained.

In her past Instagram post, she described some details about the said project that may cost hundreds of millions of pesos.

“House Construction Update: Basement parking done. The ground floor being worked on now on the Family House Wing. This is half of our whole house. They are now excavating and starting on the other half of the house, which is MY wing. Yes I will have my own half of the home for my books, clothes, studio for vlogs, maybe a small recording studio, dressing room, etc. – my “She-Cave.” So inuna muna yung main house naming pamilya. Connecting ang house ko na may basement so 3-stories siya dahil hindi pang parking ang basement ko,” ani Sharon.

“Matapos sana agad – pero mga 1-1/2 years pa siguro – para lahat ng doggies ko makalipat na rin sa house nila sa may pool, may garden na kami at may sariling kuwarto ang iba sa doggies ko sa family home.

“For those asking, the total floor area of our home will be about 2,300 sqm. built across 5 lots (total lot area more or less 3,000 sqm.), scaled down from the original plan of 3,500 sqm. floor area, not including the pool, poolhouse and doghouse of course.”


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