Inka Magnaye airs disappointment over bike lanes: “I’ve been so annoyed”

Netizens gave different comments after influencer and voice-over actress Inka Magnaye gave her opinion about the bike lanes being implemented along the roads.

In her social media post, Magnaye expressed her annoyance over the bike lanes, calling it a ‘bandaid solution’.

According to her, bike lanes were still not giving assurance to the riders that they will be safe from vehicles.

“I’ve been so annoyed at these “bike lanes,” Magnaye said. “They didn’t create extra space, it was just carved out of a car lane. So they still share it with cars or trucks. It still isn’t safe for riders.” 

“When we need to drive past a bicycle on the service road, we still have to counterflow a little bit, or they have to squeeze themselves closest to the sidewalk. It’s such a bandaid solution, and it isn’t even a fresh bandaid,” she added.

Screencap from Inka Magnaye’s post.

Magnaye’s comment received criticism from the netizens, especially from the rider community, accusing her of being pro-car.

“Akala ko ba yung lore nito is laking mahirap siya, bakit siya so disconnected with reality? Now I’m even more confused than I was before lol,” netizen @jaiguzonvevo said.

“Hindi naman kasi sila gumawa ng bike lane. Nilinyahan lang nila ng puti ang kalsada at tinawag na bike lane yung katabi ng side walk. Parang nilagyan mo guhit yung kama tapos yung nasa gilid, tinawag ng sofa. Wala namang sofa ang nabuo.” another netizen remarked.

Meanwhile, some netizens also defended Magnaye, saying that the influencer was right that some bike lanes in the country are not considered safe.

“As someone who bikes and is a big proponent of better bike infrastructure, I don’t find anything wrong with her take here. Bike lanes should be separate from cars at the least and what the PH did was just a bandaid solution.” netizen @MattyLopimac commented.

“Bakit parang mali naman pagkaka intindi mo? Sinasabi nya lang na mali pagkaka gawa ng bike lanes sa Pilipinas.” netizen @O_Hhhhhhhhh told @jaiguzonvevo.

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