Dennis Padilla pumalag matapos singilin ng P38,000 sa isang seafood resto na kanilang kinainan

Dennis Padilla aired his disappointment on his social media account against a seafood restaurant in Manila after they paid P38,000 for their meal.

Padilla said they went with his OFW friend to Aling Mahrya seafood restaurant in Seaside, Pasay City to eat delicious meals.

However, instead of being happy, their experience became disheartening after the bill for their food arrived.

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He showed the receipt and they paid P38,000 for a meal of seven people.

As an actor, Padilla already ate in different expensive restaurants however he claimed that this was the first time he encountered a such restaurant that charged too much for their seafood.

He showed some of the foods being offered by the restaurant including a mango shake which according to the actor costs P450.

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Photo from @dennisastig

They also ordered a lobster that costs P5,500 per kilo.

Sadly they couldn’t do anything so his friend still paid the bill.

According to him, he was saddened by the fact that his friend just came home and people were already charging him so much for his food just because he was a ‘Balikbayan’.

“Nakaka-frustrate, nakakalungkot, kasi kapwa Pilipino ganoon ang ginagawa nila so kung pupunta kayo dito, tanong niyo muna kung magkano,” Padilla said.

“Sanay kaming magbayad ng mahal pero eto sobra,” he added.

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Photo from @dennisastig

Padilla then called the attention of the Department of Tourism to investigate the alleged overpricing happening at the Seaside.

“Madaming Pilipino ang pinaghihirapan ang kinita nila sa ibang bansa tapos para silang naholdap dito sa restaurant na ‘to,” Padilla said while showing the name of the restaurant to the public.

The said place was already known for being a place for expensive restaurants where foreigners eat.

You can buy a fresh fish there and the restaurants will offer their service to you to cook the food you bought.

However some tourists who went there said that they should ask the restaurant about their pricing before eating there especially that some of the establishments there were allegedly misleading people.

As of writing the restaurant has yet to comment on the shoutout they received from Padilla.

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