Darna’s CGI quality disappoints some netizens: “Nagsasayang na lang ng kuryente!”

Some netizens were not happy with the quality of the computer-generated imagery (CGI) of ABS-CBN’s fantasy series ‘Darna’.

An episode of Darna has gone viral on social media after they noticed the poor quality of the CGI.

The netizens shared their criticisms against Darna on social media and some even questioned why the people behind the said show were forcing the use of CGI.

“Feeling ko nagsasayang na lang ng kuryente itong Darna! Ibalik nyo nalang ang Proibinsyano okay na kami kahit di namamatay si Coco,” one ABS-CBN fan said.

They were also saddened because they believe that the artists and editors behind Darna were talented people but were forced to do bad-quality CGI because of budget constraints.

darna 3

A netizen also believes that the rushed production of Philippine shows is one of the reasons why the quality of CGIs in the country remains poor.

darna 4

However, an ABS-CBN fan defended the people behind Darna, saying that people should blame the government for not giving a new franchise to the network.

The fan explained that ABS-CBN is not getting enough money to fund its shows because they’re not operating normally.

It can be remembered that the expectations of the people for the said fantasy series were high because the television network giant was preparing the said fantasy show for years.

The people behind the show have yet to comment on the criticisms they received.

Darna was originally planned to be filmed as a movie but was repurposed as teleserye because of budget issues.

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