Fraternal Order of Eagles, itinanggi na miyembro nila ang nanita ng isang delivery rider

The Fraternal Order of Eagles released a statement over the confrontation made by an individual who claimed to be their member against a delivery rider.

The incident has gone viral online social media after the alleged Eagle member forced the delivery rider to remove his shirt because of the ‘Philippine Eagle’ imprinted on it.

“Ayan nakasoot ng Eagle pero hindi naman Eagle,” the man said to the delivery rider.

However, the delivery rider refused, saying that he was not pretending to be a member of the group and only bought the shirt online because he likes its design.

eagle man 4 scaled
Screencap from the said video

In their statement, Eagles shared the result of their investigation and they found that the said man is not their official member.

“As investigated, the involved “eagle member” is not really a genuine member, hence an ‘egol’ as actually labeled by netizens – an embarrassment,” they said.

The organization made it clear that every Filipino had the right to wear clothes with a symbolic design to show their patriotism, that includes the Philippine Eagle design.

They also reminded their genuine members they should be more diplomatic if they caught someone pretending to be one of them or using their logos even if they’re not an official member.

The group admitted that the actions of the said man were wrong.

“To be clear: Everyone, especially every Filipino, has the right to wear Philippine-inspired apparel including the Philippine Eagle which is the National bird of our country. With this, we, the Fraternal Order of Eagles – Philippine Eagles (TFOE – PE) members should not get carried away as to exclusively appropriate a national symbol only to our group.” the group said.

“If, however, they are wrongfully wearing our TFOE-PE Logo, we have some diplomatic and legal recourse that may be availed in order to protect the identity and integrity of our organization and its brand. Still, we do not have the right to strip people naked or use violence in circumstances such as this incident,” they added.

Before ending their statement, the organization apologized for the ’embarrassment’ brought by the said individual.

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