Roderick Paulate sa naging hatol na 8 hanggang 62 na taon ng korte: “I believe in prayers”

Until now, actor and former Quezon City second district councilor Roderick Paulate kept mum on the decision of the Sandiganbayan over the case he was facing.

On December 3, 2022, the court sentenced Paulate to up to 62 years in prison for his case related to graft and falsification of documents.

In 2018, Paulate posted bail for the said charges to gain temporary liberty.

According to the court, Paulate hired 30 workers that were considered ‘ghost employees’ because some of them were not proven to exist.

“The defense did not give any logical explanation for the glaring inaccuracies of the entries in the PDS or adduce any evidence to show the truth thereof,” the court decision reads.

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He was also told to pay a sum to the Quezon City Government.

While he kept his silence over the issue, actress Carmi Martin shared that Paulate was not yet giving up on the case.

“Noong una, tinext ko siya. I don’t know if he changed this cell number, hindi sumagot. Pero nu’ng nag-send ako sa Messenger, doon sumagot. Sabi niya, ‘I believe in prayers,’ ganun. Sinabi ko, ‘Masyado akong concerned sa health mo.’ Nakakalungkot naman talaga. Napakaganda ng ano, napakaganda ng pangalan ni Roderick as an actor. He is an icon, di ba? Mula bata, di ba? Tapos du’n ka pa mabiktima,” Martin said.

The showbiz community was also surprised by the judgment against Paulate because the actor was known for his clean background.

They also believed that Paulate don’t need to earn money illegally because he already earned too much during his decades of working as an actor.




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