Feeling VIP! Sasakyan na mayroong plakang ‘8’ nakitang dumaan sa bus lane

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is known for strictly implementing the proper usage of the bus lane along EDSA.

Many motorists were already caught by the authorities for using the said lane that can only be exclusively used by public utility buses (PUBs), ambulances, and other government-owned emergency vehicles.

However, some ‘powerful’ people are not afraid to use the bus lane for their own use like the vehicle spotted by a netizen along EDSA last December 12, 2022.

In a Facebook post, netizen John-John Torres recorded a luxury vehicle using a plate number exclusively for the members of the House of Representatives while passing through the bus lane.

Torres was also wondering why the vehicle owned by a certain lawmaker chose to use the bus lane while the traffic during that time was not bad.

Because of that, the vehicle had no choice but to stop when a bus need to unload or load passengers at the stations.

“The hilarious part was EDSA wasn’t even jammed, so as buses on that lane stopped in front of him, he got stuck and I quickly passed him anyway,” the netizen said.


Aside from that, the vehicle was also spotted using blinkers even if they were not allowed to.

mmda 1

As of writing, MMDA has yet to give a statement on the issue.

The video already received thousands of reactions from disappointed netizens.

However, some even defended the vehicle owner, saying that their time was more valuable than normal citizens because they were public servants.


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