Isang Briton, mayroong reaksyon sa ‘astronaut pill’ ni Rep. Marcoleta: “Why not just focus on how to ensure that all Filipinos get to eat healthy?”

A British blogger couldn’t stop himself from reacting to the news about Sagip party-list Rep. Rodante Marcoleta pushing for an ‘Astronaut Food Pill’ for the poor.

According to Malcolm Conlan, Marcoleta should focus on how the government would feed the poor with ‘healthy’ meals.

Conlan believed that depriving the Filipinos to eat normal food was not right.

“Would you EVER consider going out to a restaurant or going out for a meal and sitting there chewing on a pill, while your fellow diners tuck into a delicious meal?” Conlan asked.

“Why not just focus on how to ensure that all Filipinos get to eat healthy, nutritious 3 meals a day? Because right now there are still some poor Filipinos who still have to worry about where there NEXT meal is coming from.

“I do understand that you are coming up with ideas to feed Filipinos but I hope and pray that we would NEVER get to a stage where the poor are relying on any kind of pill to provide their daily meals?

“Again, would you be happy to eat a pill for dinner sir?

“Filipinos enjoy eating rice. Please don’t ever change this. It’s not right.”

During the confirmation hearing for Department of Science and Technology chief Renato Solidum, Marcoleta asked the chief scientist of the government if it’s possible for the country to create a ‘pill’ that could prevent a Filipino to become hungry for months.

Marcoleta claimed that Astronauts are not eating for months while they’re in space.

“I’m thinking aloud na kung sakali pong makaimbento tayo nung kinakain nila, ibibigay ko po sa mga mahihirap na kababayan natin. Even for months hindi sila kakain, hindi sila mamatay,” the lawmaker asked.

Marcoleta said that a ‘food pill’ may help the country solve its hunger problem.

“Kasi po yung astronauts, ‘pag kinain niya ‘yun, it will last for several days, if not months,” he pointed out. “Kasi yung mahirap na mahirap talaga, wala po silang makakain e,” ani Marcoleta.

“Pag ininom po ng mahirap, in two weeks lang Mr. Secretary na hindi siya bumili ng pagkain, hindi siya nagluto, ang laking bagay na po ‘yun. Makagagawa kaya tayo ng ganun?” dagdag pa niya.

Far from Marcoleta’s claims, Astronauts are not eating pills in space and what they’re consuming was dehydrated or shelved food that would last for months.

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