TikToker, inamin na sinaway na siya ni Deanna Wong ngunit ipinagpatuloy niya parin ang pagbi-video

The netizen who claimed to be ‘snubbed’ by Choco Mucho Flying Titans player Deanna Wong gave more information about the viral video.

On her social media page, Rajin Navarro admitted that she had already been told by Deanna to stop following and recording her, but the netizen still insisted because it’s only a rare opportunity to see the professional volleyball player personally.

She also defended herself from fans of Deanna who were criticizing her for not respecting the privacy of the volleyball player.

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“Deanna Wong ‘yun, ganito lang oh, ganito lang ‘yung agwat namin, hindi ba kayo lalapit?” Navarro said.

“‘Yung mismong nanay niya nga nagpapa-picture sa mga player, ako pa kaya na pangkariwan lang na mamamayan, intidihin niyo naman,” she added.

Navarro also admitted that Deanna talked to her.

“Kinausap niya naman ako, sabi niya ‘next time nalang daw’ sabi ko ‘wala nang next time, minsan lang ako lumuwas ng Maynila’,” she said.

According to her, she continued recording the incident hoping that Deanna would agree just to look at her camera.

She also said that some of the players whom she met on the same day agreed to take a photo with her.

The video she uploaded on social media received millions of views and gained thousands of comments from netizens criticizing Deanna for ignoring her fan.

Navarro’s post is just one of the videos circulating on social media showing the members of Flying Titans giving cold responses to their fans.

Choco Mucho Flying Titans already posted a statement defending their players including Deanna.

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The Team’s fans know how warm, respectful, appreciative, and accommodating the ladies are.” the statement of the team reads.

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