Seaman, may open letter sa mga pro volleyball team na hindi namansin ng fans: “Walang utang na loob!”

A seaman couldn’t hide his disappointment after watching a video showing the Choco Mucho Flying Titans volleyball team members giving little to nothing response to the fans approaching them during their arrival on Boracay Island.

The Facebook post was origin originally posted by Anna Leah Aranillia but has already been deleted now as of writing. Still, the said seaman, Lacruiser Relativo reposted it and wrote an open letter to the volleyball team members.

In his open letter, Relativo called them out for not being grateful to their fans who were the reason why they were famous.

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He believed that their current attitude may lead to a blow to their career as professional athletes.

“Shout out sa mga players na walang utang na loob. As your “fellow human being”, I urge you not to please everyone but just a little decency and respect for your fellow human beings. Fans somehow brought you to fame and there are lots of well-mannered players who are dying to replace your position. Hindi kayo Diyos!” Relativo said.

“Minsan din kayong baguhan and try to recall your humble beginnings. Good luck sa mga laro ninyo! I will forever rejoice at your downfall! Good luck ladies!” he added.

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Before ending his open letter, Relativo also reminded the athletes to remember their humble beginnings.

“Sa mga snoberang athletes, sabihin nyo naman na “know where we are coming from”. Saan ba kayo galing? Galing din kayo sa pulot bola. Galing din kayo sa pag idolized ng mga sikat na players. At lalong galing din kayo sa pagkatalo. Fans are there for a reason! And it is just fair to return the energy for cheering you on!” he stated.

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