Security guard, sinalubong ang diumano’y multo na bumisita sa kanilang ospital

A video taken in a hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina has gone viral on social media after it captured a spine-chilling moment between a security guard and an alleged ‘ghost patient’.

The CCTV footage taken at Finochettio Sanatorium showed the sliding doors of the hospital opened around 3 a.m in the morning, alerting the security guard to check who’s the visitor during that time.

However, the scene became more bizarre when the security guard suddenly talked alone and write something on a clipboard.

multo 1

The security guard also seems moving his hand to instruct the ‘ghost visitor’ where to go after the security check.

He even offered the invisible visitor assistance and grabbed a wheelchair at the back of the counter.

The surveillance footage has gone viral on many social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit.

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Some unverified reports also said that the security guard successfully got the identity of the ‘ghost’ and discovered that it was one of the patients who passed away on the same day.

However, the media relations of Finochettio Sanatorium denied that their hospital was hunted and the video was only made as a joke by the bored security personnel.

“I don’t know if to make a joke or what, but it went viral. What I don’t believe in is ghosts,” Guillermo Capuya said.

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