Awkward! US VP Kamala Harris, harap-harapan tinanggi kay PBBM na pumunta siya sa Palawan para magliwaliw

The bilateral meeting between United States Vice President Kamala Harris and Philippine President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has gone awkward for a moment.

On November 23, a part of the discussion between Harris and Marcos has gone viral on social media because of the answer of the US VP to the remarks of the Philippine President.

During the said discussion, Marcos assumed that Harris went to Palawan to visit the beautiful places there including its resorts and beaches.

“We would have hoped to have shown you more of the Philippines. Although, I suppose you actually are doing that because you are seeing some of the prettiest parts of the Philippines in Palawan,” Marcos said.

“And I’m sure you’re just going to the resorts and the beaches,” he added.

However, Harris quickly clarified that she was not visiting Palawan for vacation but to do her job as a government official.

“That is not the life I’ve chosen these days,” the VP said.

They just laughed together and Marcos changed the topic.

Some netizens then criticized Marcos for assuming that Harris went to the Philippines to have a vacation.

“This is so embarrassing. BBM trying to make a joke about Kamala Harris, a Vice President of the US, on a diplomatic visit, vacationing instead of working! Is this his mindset? That him being President is all about vacationing????” netizen @gabrieldivina2 said.

“Kasi siya more pleasure ang business trips kesa business. Napahiya ka tuloy sa VP na na may professionalism.” netizen @cestoplavie remarked.


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