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Isa sa mga motovlogger na binatikos dahil sa pag-iiwan ng kalat sa isang resort, nagsalita: “We were judged by one single act!”

One week after they received a tremendous amount of criticism on social media, one of the vloggers who got tagged in the JAKKA Resort Hotel issue gave a message to her followers.

On her Facebook page, Pobreng Laagan lamented how they were judged by the netizens after the said resort posted the garbage they left in the villa they rented.

But she was thankful that some people were still there to support them and that is the reason why they’re not planning to stop vlogging.

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“Despite all the bash, hurtful words coming from people who don’t know us personally, we were judged by one single act. We were tagged as untidy person sa mga taong hindi naman nakakakilala sa amin, despite all those, true people remain on our side.” the vlogger said.

“Mga totoong tao na alam nila kung ano talaga kami in real life. You are never the reason why we should stop vlogging, why we should remain silent. Infact, you gave us all more reasons why we should continue showing who we really are kasi ang daming mapanghusgang tao sa mundo.” she added.

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Photo from Pobreng Laagan/FB

The post received positive reactions from her fans, however, some netizens continued to criticize the moto vlogger.

“Ang concern lang po ng may ari madam hindi niyo man lang nilinis kitang kita naman po sa pic apakadugyot at dumi ng iniwan niyo,” one of the netizens said.

Meanwhile, JAKKA Resort continues to receive exposure on social media and gained many potential customers.

They also continue to deny that they’re not respecting the privacy of their guests.

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