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Netizen, binatikos ang customer ng isang fast food restaurant dahil sa duming iniwan nito: “Make it a habit to clear the table”

A netizen in Tagum City couldn’t hide her disappointment after she saw a customer left their table in a fast food restaurant without even cleaning it.

In her Facebook post, netizen Jean posted a photo of the said table and it can be seen that the table was full of leftover chickens.

According to her, the customers who left the table dirty were students.

Jean said that she criticized the behavior of the said customer because it’s not really hard to clean their table before leaving.

She argued that even if its the job of the restaurant to clean the customer table, they should show even a little courtesy to the workers.

“Parents who raise their kids to think it’s okay to leave a table like this. I was raised differently, I clear the table. It’s not hard. I really hate those people who will say “it’s their job”. Make it a habit to clear the table after eating in a fast food chain or clean the spilled drinks or sauce. It’ll help the overworked staff.” Jean said.

“By doing this it will promote common courtesy to the next customers who will use the same table and you will earn respect of the fastfood branch and respect to the service crews as well. Be kind and considerate to others. Simple table ettiquette and manners. I wish these kids parents teach them CLAYGO or introduce them this kind gesture.” she added.

She also reminded the netizens not to be too noisy while eating because they’re not the only customers eating in the said resutant.

“Better get a private room so that you can’t disturb other customers who are eating their meals,” she said. “Students pa gani mo but simple respect to others di ninyo na mabuhat. Toon pud mog kaulaw.” 

(You are even students but you can’t simply respect others. Show a little shame too.)

The post gained thousands of shares and reactions on social media and sparked another discussion about ‘Clean As You Go’ rule.

Last week, netizens also discussed the CLAYGO rule after a group of vloggers left the villa they rented uncleaned.

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