Home Social Media Promotion ng resort na inireklamo ang mga vloggers sa iniwan nilang kalat, pumatok sa netizens

Promotion ng resort na inireklamo ang mga vloggers sa iniwan nilang kalat, pumatok sa netizens


It seems that JAKKA Beach Resort didn’t waste the opportunity to use the exposure they received from the netizens to promote their business.

After receiving millions of reactions on social media after they posted the garbage left by their guests who are vloggers, the beach resort posted a promotion video to show the beauty of their place.

The video as of writing already received half a million views on social media and thousands of positive reactions from the netizens.

JAKKA’s social media page gained around thousands of new followers since the issue started.

Some netizens also praised the resort for their idea to use the issue to gain more customers.

“Bad publicity through social media is still publicity. I have seen a lot of information about what happened with Jakka since yesterday. As a business owner, I know that there are lots of potential customers who will still visit Jakka. These people are loyal customers and curious ones. The incident was a blessing in disguise, if not intended. I believe that both parties have learned from their mistakes and will do better soon. Congrats, Jakka; I am one of your curious customers. See you soon!” said VR Caballero.

However, the resort still didn’t evade the criticisms on how they disclosed the information of their guests.

“Sorry… but you need to learn the nature of your business. Takot ako i-asa sa inyo privacy ko. I’m not a perfect Guest… i used to observe CLAYGO (Clean as you go) but sometimes I am not a perfect Guest.” sabi ng isa pang netizen.

It can be remembered that the said vloggers responded to the accusations of the beach resort and told their followers that the service they received from JAKKA was not good.

However, the resort denied the accusations, saying that their staffs were all trained to give good service to their guests.

Indeed, any publicity, good or bad is still publicity.

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