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Resort na nagreklamo sa duming iniwan ng vloggers, humingi ng paumanhin: “It is not our intention to embarrass our guests”

The trending resort in Davao Oriental made an official statement after their post against two vloggers gained too much exposure on social media.

In their Facebook post, JAKKA Beach Resort apologized to the public after the incident escalated and gained millions of reach on social media after posting the condition of their villa after being left by vloggers Pobreng Laagan and K’Nayn Motovlog.

They clarified that they didn’t mean to “publicly shame or embarrass” their guests when they named them on their viral post.

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Photo from K’Nayn Motovlog

“The only reason that we posted the unsightly pictures of the resort is for public awareness,” the resort explained.

The resort made it clear that they informed every guest about their policies before checking in and told them that those rules were strictly implemented.

“This is the first time that a guest left the resort in a very untidy condition. Items were moved and trash is everywhere as seen in the pictures already posted much to our dismay. While we welcome feedback from our guests whether positive or negative as it would help us improve our services, however, we do not tolerate any form of vandalism on the resort,” they said.

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Photos from JAKKA Beach Resort/FB

JAKKA also cleared that they never asked their guests to clean their own rooms, but at least “observe cleanliness as much as possible.

The resort also denied that they intended to breach the privacy of their guest by posting their profiles on social media.

“We value the privacy of our guests and provide our utmost services at all times. Even though we have been in business for quite sometime now, however we admit that we still have a lot to improve in terms of our services.” they said.

The statement received mixed reactions from netizens and sparked a discussion if the resort should be held liable for their post against the vloggers.


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