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Vlogger na binatikos dahil sa pag-iwan ng napakadaming kalat sa nirentahan nilang resort, nagsalita: “WE DID NOT BREAK ANYTHING!”

Two vloggers have gone viral on social media after a resort in Davao Oriental complained about the pile of trash left by their group.

In a Facebook post on November 6, JAKKA Beach Resort posted some photos of the messy condition of their villa after being rented by the group of vloggers K’Nayn Motovlog and Pobreng Lagaan.

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The post received thousands of shares on social media and the vloggers received criticisms from the netizens and calling them out for their lack of courtesy.

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However, the group used their social media powers to defend themselves from the accusation of the resort.

In their lengthy post, Pobreng Lagaan said that they were also disappointed by the service they received from the resort but they didn’t make a post about it.

“We were not treated with the utmost respect. We requested few things like “taklob sa kaldero, luwag, tubig, kutsara (since limited lng ilng kutsara considering 22 persons kaming lahat and their utensils are only for 20 people.) We were under the impression that the kitchen area is complete as what posted on their page.” the vlogger said.

She also said that they’re expecting good service from the resort as they paid 20,000 pesos for their villa.

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The disappointment continues when the resort even charged them for every kitchen equipment that they need to use for cooking.

“We were silent. We did not post anything on the social media cause simple lang naman ang isyu,” she said.

She explained that it’s also normal for the place to become messy because they threw a party the night before they left.

They also explained the story behind the unwashed dishes, saying that they were in a hurry to leave.

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“We woke up at 6 am to prepare breakfast. Others enjoy the sea. By 7 am, we had breakfast. And everyone is already in a hurry cause we are supposed to jump off and leave the resort by 8 am because we still have a long way to go. So yes, we did not have time to collect the dishes and wash them. And we were expecting we will be understood knowing how tired we are. Knowing how tired I am from a 10-hour flight. And they know where we came from. They wonder where I will go home. We just want to reserve our energy for traveling,” she narrated.

Pobreng Lagaan insisted that they did nothing wrong during their stay and called out the resort for disclosing their details in public.

“We did not do any harm. We did not violate any of their policy. WE DID NOT BREAK ANYTHING! How come we are treated like this? To the resort, I understand you want to post it for AWARENESS, but that became overboard after tagging us and disclosing your guest information.” she said.

Meanwhile, the resort already apologized for what they posted and clarified that they didn’t mean to shame their guests.

“The only reason that we posted the unsightly pictures of the resort is for public awareness.” the management of the resort posted.

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