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Isang eat-all-you-can restaurant owner, nanlumo sa dami ng tira ng kanyang mga customer

A buffet restaurant owner in Angeles City, Pampanga expressed their disappointment after their customer left a pile of leftovers.

In a Facebook post, the popular eat-all-you-can restaurant Bariotik called out their customer for wasting too much food and disregarding their ‘no leftover’ rule.

They even asked the said customers to go back and pay an additional fee as the leftovers they left is a big loss to their income.

“Bumalik po kayo para bayaran yung left over po ninyo. Marami ang nagugutom.
Magkano lang po ang kita namin, hangad po namin na mabusog ang bawat isa pero sana naman po kahit konting disiplina man lang.” the restaurant wrote.

The restaurant refuse to name the said customers.

The post already gained thousands of posts from sympathetic netizens who also criticized the actions of the said customers.

The said restaurant has gone viral on social media many times because of its affordable eat-all-you-can promos.

However, keeping the prices low has some consequences especially when there are too many leftovers because some customers are just grabbing food without even thinking if they can consume it all.

Most buffets are implementing ‘no leftovers’ and no ‘take-out policy’ to prevent food wastage and to avoid losing profits.



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