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Beach Resort, inireklamo ang mga guest na vlogger dahil sa iniwan nilang madumi ang kanilang nirentahang villa

A beach resort in Davao Oriental called out their guests for leaving piles of trash in the villa they rented.

In a Facebook post, JAKKA Beach Resort posted photos of what happened to their villa after the stay of a group of vloggers.

The resort mentioned vloggers K’Nayn Motovlog and Pobreng Lagaan who rented the place without even respecting their house rules.

“Our resort is not just an ordinary resort, for we serve and make sure that our services fits your needs. We are very saddened that we need to experience this kind of chaos to our Family Villa.” said the resort management.

“We need you and we serve you the best that you need K’Nayn Motovlog and Pobreng Laagan. We considered your plead and attend all your concerns yet this is what you did to our Villa so what else can we say but THANK YOU . We are hoping that you will not do the same to your future destinations.” they added.

The resort is hoping that those two vloggers will not do the same thing in other resorts

The photos posted by the resort showed the trash left by the group including their leftover dishes.

The post sparked a discussion on how guests should act when they’re renting a temporary place to stay.

“Me as a hotel room attendant pissed me off that some guest think they own the place iniisip nila ngbabayad cla kaya dapat sulitin like messing every corner of the room,” Doren Ecraep said.


In a live video, Pobreng Laagan criticizes the resort for shaming them on social media without even giving them a chance to explain.

She also complained about the amount they paid to the resort and even said that the use of utensils was not free.

However, netizens didn’t buy the explanation of the vlogger, saying that they should also show some courtesy when they’re renting a place to stay.

Some even called the vloggers ‘entitled’ for insisting that they were right for what they did to the resort.

“Your live is a reflection of your personality,” one of the netizen said.

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