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Netizen may open letter kay PBBM: “Don’t be a spoiled brat now because you’re no longer a child!”

Hindi na nakapagtimpi ang blogger na si Tio Moreno matapos sabihin ni Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin na posibleng hindi maglabas ng ‘First 100 Days report’ si Pangulong Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Sa kanyang open letter nitong Oktubre 7, tinawag na ‘funny’ ni Moreno ang plano ni Marcos na hindi maglabas ng nasabing report na ginawa ng mga nakaraang presidente.

Ayon kasi sa blogger ay kailangan malaman ng taumbayan kung ano ang nagawa ng administrasyong Marcos.

“Bongbong Marcos I understand that there is no legal obligation for you to release your “First 100 Days” report, but your constituents, particularly the 31 million Filipinos who voted for you, deserve to know.” ani Moreno.

“Filipinos must be informed of what you have done so far because this will be the basis for whether people support you on beneficial programs/projects or call you out on matters that are unnecessary, such as the F1.” dagdag pa niya.

Hinimok din nito si Marcos na tigilan na ang pagiging ‘spoiled brat’.

“You’re no longer a child, but rather the father of 110+ million Filipinos,” aniya.

Tila hindi rin nito nagustuhan ang naging pag-alis ni Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles bilang press secretary.

“You were blessed to have a very competent press secretary who is supposed to be doing this task for you, but now gone due to politics.” wika niya.

“How will you achieve your “unity” campaign when people from different sides of the politic spectrum do not have any idea of what you did, is doing, and will be doing?” sabi pa nito.

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