James Deakin, tila minaliit ng cashier dahil sa nagbayad siya ng gamit ang ‘Gift Check’: “Not cool. Not cool at all”

Hindi naitago ng television host at transport vlogger na si James Deakin ang pagkadismaya sa isang establisyemento na diumano’y iba ang turing sa mga nagbabayad gamit ang gift check.

Sa kanyang post, ibinahagi ni Deakin ang kanyang naging karanasan sa nasabing establisyemento.

Ayon sa kanya ay napakadaming tinanong at ipinagawa sa kanya bago nakumpleto ang proseso ng pagbabayad niya gamit ang gift check.

“A friendly reminder to establishments that offer GCs. Please, please, please don’t give people “the look” when they use it to pay. You know the one. The “ay, GC pala” look that makes them feel like a 2nd class customer. Happened to me again today. Won’t mention the store anymore but the whole process was so degrading,” ani Deakin.

“Including asking me where I got them or who gave them to me, then a lengthy call to a supervisor, plus a thirty minute process at the cashier of manually encoding of each card, topped off with asking me to fill up my personal data as well, and then the constant reminder that it can only be used for full price items and no sales. Not cool. Not cool at all.” dagdag niya pa.

Ayon sa kanya ay ang konsepto ng gift check ay ang pagbibigay ng pera ng customer ng advance pero tila ang tingin ng mga staff ng nasabing establisyemento ay libreng nakukuha ng mga nagbabayad ng gift check ang mga binibili nila.

“The main purpose of a gift is to make the person feel special. And this type of treatment is the complete opposite of that. If you don’t want people to use them, don’t sell them. Simple. But to get your money in advance, and then treat it as an act of charity or obligation when it’s redeemed, is a complete contradiction of what it was designed to do and only makes it a hypocrite certificate. Please do better.” aniya.

Itinanggi namang ibahagi ni Deakin ang pangalan ng nasabing establisyemento ngunit sinigurado niya na hindi ito SM Malls.

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