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Jim Paredes, becomes emotional after watching ‘Katips’: “My eyes kept tearing and my voice was shaking.”

Legendary OPM artist Jim Paredes couldn’t hide his emotions after watching the martial law movie ‘Katips’.

Paredes gives a review of the said piece by Atty. Vince Tañada, and shared that he remembered the suffering they experienced during the former administration of former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

He described the movie as ‘powerful’ and ‘riveting’ especially since he was also an activist during the 70s.

“There were parts of the movie that brought the entire audience to sobbing and crying. There were comic moments that gave you relief from the seriousness of the topic and the dire scenes that played out. The music was natural and unobtrusive. There was no awkwardness in the way the singing interplayed with the characters, events and situations as they unfolded.” the singer said.

“I remembered the faces of classmates, friends, relatives who suffered under the dictatorship.” he added.

Paredes even interviewed some of the moviegoers who didn’t even personally witness martial law.

The singer also wept while talking to them and sharing his experiences during that period.

“After the movie, I talked to some millennials and they expressed how little they knew about Martial law and recent history. They cried in many parts of the movie, too. As I was talking to them my eyes kept tearing and my voice was shaking.”

He then urged the people to watch the movie and also bring a young person with them.

“Dear readers, make sure you watch this. Bring a young person with you so that they will know what our generation went through to pay for their freedoms. This is our story as a people. It is time we all remember, and for those who had never heard of these type of stories of Martial Law before, it is time to expose the truth that trolls, and ‘influencers’ on youtube, Tiktok and other social media have been trying to hide and deny.” said paredes.

Tañada who saw Paredes’ post thanked the singer for his wonderful review.

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