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Trillanes, nagbigay ng mga mungkahi sa BBM administration kung paano mareresolba ang presyo sa langis

Nagbigay ng ilang mungkahi ang natalong kandidato sa pagkasenador na si Antonio Trillanes IV sa susunod na administrasyon ni president-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. kung paano maiiwasan ang mabilis na paggalaw ng presyo ng langis.

Ayon kay Trillanes ay maiiwasan sana ang nangyayaring pagtaas ng presyo ng krudo ngayon kung ginawa ng Duterte administration ang mga payo na ibabahagi niya.

“These are what the duterte admin could’ve done the past 6 yrs and what I hope the Marcos admin would do to prevent/absorb the volatility of oil prices: 

1. Compel oil companies to increase their reserve capacity to at least one-year.
This would give them the flexibility to buy oil in the global market when the prices are low and wait it out while the prices are high.

2. Prepare the land transport sector to go electric.
This should include building charging stations and grants/subsidies for manufacture or importation of electric vehicles.

3. Phase-out remaining diesel generators in the energy mix.
4. Improve the mass transport system.


1. Suspend excise taxes and VAT on fuel.
2. Provide subsidies to the public transport sector.
3. Encourage work-from-home or 4-day work week schemes in both the private and public sectors whenever applicable.
4. Employ other fuel-saving measures to reduce aggregate demand.

So, next time apologists tell you that the government is helpless in dealing with the prices of oil, you could give them this list.”

Hindi naman malaman kung pinansin ni Marcos ang mga mungkahi sa kanya ni Trillanes na kilalang kritiko ng kasalukuyang administrasyon.

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