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Netizen, nagbigay ng 27 na rason kung bakit hindi niya iboboto si Robredo kahit na may degree ito.

Isang netizen ang sinabi na hindi parin niya iboboto si Vice President Leni Robredo sa pagkapangulo kahit na may degree ito sa abukasya.

Sa kanyang post, nagbigay ng “27” na dahilan si Tio Moreno kung bakit kahit na mayroon itong degree ay hindi parin siya tiwala na mapapatakbo ng maayos ni Robredo ang bansa.

Ilan sa mga dahilan niya ay ang diumano’y kulang na karanasan nito sa executive department, ang nakakalito nitong mga plano at ang pagkontra nito sa ilan sa mga polisiya ng kasalukuyang administrasyon.

Ikinumpara din ni Moreno si Robredo sa dating pangulong Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III na malinis ang track record ngunit hindi naman daw nagbigay ng malaking pagbabago sa bansa.

Mas naniniwala ang netizen ns bagay si Robredo bilang secretary ng Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)

Eto ang buong post ni Moreno:

“Economics Degree? Law Degree?
Doctor in Public Administration, Doctor of Humanities, and Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa?


1. No remarkable achievement as a lawyer.
2. Little to none experience on government particularly as chief executive or managing large population.
3. Only got famous on her husband tragic incident (just like Cory Aquino).
4. Fails to perform or articulate well on interviews and live statements.
5. Confusing platform on both economic and healthy policy.
6. Against drug war but failed to provide solution on drug problem.
7. Against NTF-ELCAC but failed to provide solution to help communities against rebels.
8. Against build, build, build.
9. “Anti-government” but government employee.
10. Ayuda mentality enabler.
11. Yellow disguised as Pink.
12. Political PUPPET, of course.
13. Has the most toxic, self-entitled and cancel culture supporters.
14. Credit Grabber.
15. Discrediting the effort of the other government bodies just to shine among them.
16. Can’t move without media.
17. She has zero knowledge when it comes to Military or Armed Forces.
18. Shared cabinet secrets w/ political allies then foreign ignorance to the reason when ousted.
19. Focus on negative campaigning for her own gain.
20. Spread fake news to international where the country may lead into danger.
21. Wants to be a president to bring back the franchise of ABS-CBN.
22. Against corruption but admire Binay and De Lima.
23. NPA supporter.
24. Has the urge to decriminalize drugs.
25. Takes advantage to opponent’s issue, a one thing “Leader” shouldn’t do, a “Leader” must be a role model.
26. She wants PRRD’s projects to be on-hold.
27. Biggest reason for running is she just don’t want Marcos to be back.

BS Aquino has a CLEAN TRACK RECORD, just like VP Leni Robredo. Filipinos are already tired for over 30 years, yet nothing changed. I don’t think we need another Dilawan on the government. Leni is a good public servant but not for Presidency Level. 😉 She’s better off a DSWD Secretary.”

Sa ngayon ay umabot na ng libo libong reaksyon at shares ang nasabing post.

Wala pang sagot ang kampo ni Robredo sa post ni Moreno.

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