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Isang writer, may sulat para kay Inday Sara Duterte: “For your children, and for ours, run, Sara, run.”


Isang writer ang gumawa ng isang mahabang liham para sa alkalde ng Davao City na si Mayor Inday Sara Duterte kung saan ay hinihikayat niya ito na sundan ang yapak ng kanyang ama.

Sa kanyang Facebook page isinulat ni Krizette Laureta Chu ang kanyang liham para sa presidential daughter.

Naniniwala si Krizette na kung hindi tatakbo si Inday Sara ay maaring magkaroon ng hindi magandang pangyayari sa bansa sa susunod taon.

Kahit na hindi daw parehas ang karanasan ni Inday Sara sa kanyang ama na nasa politika na sa loob ng 50 taon, ay naniniwala ito na magagawa ng alkalde ang maayos ang magiging trabaho niya kung sakaling siya ay maging pinuno ng bansa.

Sinabi rin nito na may mga magagaling ding lider na babae sa ibang bansa na namuno kahit na maliit pa ang kanilang mga anak katulad ni Queen Elizabeth ng United Kingdom at Jacinda Ardern ng New Zealand.

Bilang isang ina ay maari daw na mas intindihin ni Inday ang kapakanan ng susunod na henerasyon.

Natatakot din daw si Krizette na dumating ang panahon na manaig muli ang mga NPA sa iba’t ibang panig ng bansa.

Nangako naman ang manunulat na hinding hindi nila papabayaan si Inday Sara kung sakali man na tumakbo ito sa mas mataas na posisyon.

Eto ang buong sulat ni Krizette para sa alkalde:


Tonight President Duterte said you don’t want to become President because your children are too little.
Although I understand that you want to be there for your children, please know that we badly need momentum from your father’s leadership and if you were to put off your candidacy to the next term, we may suffer the next six years in the hands of the wrong leader. And so far, they’re all wrong leaders—Grace Poe, Manny Pacquiao, Isko Moreno, Leni Robredo, Gibo, even BBM, whose presidency will divide this country even further.
To be honest, I’m not entirely sure you will be as good as your father, but the pickings are very slim, and to be fair you haven’t had 50 years of leadership experience that he has had.
You, however, will always carry on your shoulders the legacy of your father, and you will have the advantage of his mentorship, the goodness of his heart, and as citizens we are assured that you will not disrespect nor discontinue his projects out of spite.
So when we are rooting for you, please know we are rooting for you with desperation. You symbolize continuity, and having lived through a Duterte leadership, we are very afraid to go back to how it was before.
There’s little we know about you, and I admit many of us do not carry for you the certainty and passion we had for PRRD, but you symbolize the most important thing now as his leadership ends with optimism and gratefulness— hope for the future.
To have someone else take over, like, say, Leni, right when we are at the cusp of greatness, is like being on a plane that’s climbing 32,000 feet and midway nosediving into the ground and bursting into flames.
You say your children are too little—but forgive my bravado, so is Jacinda Ardern’s. So was Queen Elizabeth’s when she took over. And yet they are and have been great women leaders.
If you run, you will empower working mothers of little children everywhere. Motherhood is not an obstacle, is the message you will give Filipinas everywhere. And so many millions of Filipinas, from boardrooms to little shacks, will take this as a reality.
Being a mother of very young children means you have a very real personal stake as to what direction this country will move towards—and to be given the chance to lead it—means you have such power to dictate its course.
What benefit to your children, and my children, and all our children, if it were you up there crafting policies with our little children in mind!
Imagine if you didn’t run and gave this power to somebody who didn’t care for our children. Imagine the strides we have made for this country, obliterated in a few months as weaklings and oligarch puppets retake this country.
Mayor Sara, I don’t want our children to grow up in a country where NPAs are still to be feared. Your father’s fight against them have run them to the ground and if you so much blink, they’ll be back with a vengeance. Think of the farmers, the small businessmen, the children of other mothers who are given arms, left to die in muddy ditches. I don’t want the future children to walk in fear in dark street corners the way we once did. I don’t want drugs to proliferate in the streets. I don’t want a cold hearted government—I am from Leyte and have seen how cold hearted governments will debate with you on numbers and statistics as children lay dead in asphalts, covered by debris. I don’t want a government that promotes a culture of mendicancy and doleout.
I want more of what we have now. Just continue the momentum. You don’t even have to feel the pressure of needing to be as great as your father, if living in his shadow or being eternally compared to him is a concern. Just please, continue what we have now, and we will be very grateful.
This is your fate in the world.
The practical concerns of your time and your children will be addressed because that’s how life unfolds—it makes—and enlarges—the space that are most important to fill. In my 500 years of existence in my many beautiful reincarnations (and here I channel Marlene Aguilar), there’s this one thing I know for sure: The Universe ALWAYS helps you find a way when your intentions are pure. The universe always blesses, and things always work out in the end.
By the end of six years, your children, who are toddlers and primary school graders now, will emerge as teens in a country that, God permits, gives them opportunities, safety, and a bright future.
Your father couldn’t completely undo the damage of the past few decades in just 6 years, but with his administration and yours combined, you could further this country towards stability and progress. Pick up where he left off.
Many years ago you spoke in front of OFWs in Hong Kong, telling a tearful crowd of mothers you couldn’t do what they did—leave their children so they could work abroad and send money home.
Imagine actually having the power to reverse that. Imagine being able to craft and approve laws to make those mothers, if not go back to the PH ASAP, at least be protected in their countries of employment.
No Presidential candidate in history has looked to be as sure a winner as you one year before the elections.
To be honest, from where everybody is sitting, even your father’s critics know this, we are just waiting for a formal turnover ceremony. The Presidency has never been for anyone’s taking—ever—except yours. Even your closest rival is double digit percentage behind you.
Such burden, but also, such privilege. Such a loaded gift to receive.
To be able to not only make your own children’s lives better, but to make all our children’s lives better.
In the long view, your young children will not remember the chaos and downsides of the six years you are President.
Their childhood will be a procession of remarkable stories, seeing their country grow, being given such opportunities to meet with world leaders, travel to beautiful countries, all while growing to their own full potential. What a life these children will have. The world view they’ll take. The stories they will keep.
(And also, you’ll work and live in Malacanang. You can pop in and say hello. Let’s make it work.)
Sharky will be 13, Stingray will be 9, and Stonefish will be six when you assume the Presidency. Sharky will be 19, Stingray 15, and Stonefish 12 when you finish the Presidency.
By the time you are done helping change this country for the better, your children have grown up with the consciousness of greatness—basically something your father has gifted us with.
You coming into power will teach girls that women leadership isn’t about the gender card, which Leila and Leni and Risa have used so many times. Women leadership is just leadership, period.
Great women like you and I have to get over our fear, our limitations, our hesitations, when we are called to pull off feats for the good of many. This isn’t about you, but the Philippines. Not just your children, but ours too. They’re cliches but they’re true.
Do you want your children to grow up in a country where Leni Robredo is President? Imagine how drug lords will run rampant with her weak leadership. Do you want Grace Poe to dictate the next six years? She’s never had any executive position, and coasts by on the strength of her father’s fictional movies alone. Isko? Are you joking my leg? Manny Pacquiao? A good person, sure, but think of our poor LGBTQ community, and the kind of people who will dictate on him, and who surrounds him.
So please, for your children, and for ours, run, Sara, run.
Tutulungan ka namin, promise. Di ka namin pababayaan, promise. Tadyakan namin yung ngala ngala ng mga kontrabida, just don’t leave us like this.
With sincere respect, your presumptive sister in law,
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